Juliann Moodley


Over the past 25 years Juliann has undertaken a number of assignments in the public, private and civil society sector as well as supported a number of development partners with the provision of technical support in the aforementioned sectors. The technical support provided straddled a variety of areas including strategic and annual planning, designing and implementing monitoring and evaluation systems, conducting formative, summative, impact and outcome evaluations, gender assessments, financial management and budget reviews, capacity building and institutional strengthening, organizational design and development, strengthening of boards and board governance. These projects were conducted in Health, Education, Corporate Governance, Treasury, Local Government, Provincial Government, Disability, Women and Gender Empowerment, Jobs Fund, Employment Promotion, Small, Medium and Micro Business Development, Higher Education and Training, Sector Education and Training Authorities and Information Technology.

Key areas of work include: 1) Undertaking Global Fund Assignments – Juliann provided technical support on Global Fund assignments since 2002, over 22 countries with proposal development, development of M&E frameworks and operational plans for grants, strengthening the capacity of CCMs with a particular focus on areas identified as part of the Eligibility Performance Assessments, capacity building of in-country governance structures and development of governance policy documents; 2) Mid-term and End-of Term Reviews – Overall Juliann has conducted 175 evaluations and a number of mid-term and end of term reviews, that focused on HIV, TB and Malaria; child support programs, programs focusing on children orphaned and made vulnerable due to epidemics and poverty, reviews of capacity building programs in the health and institutional strengthening programs; 3) National Strategic Plans – Juliann supported 15 countries with the development of National Strategic Plans for HIV and TB. Most recently Juliann was the Team Leader for the development of NSPs for the Seychelles, Mauritius and Malawi and the multi-sectoral districts plans in South Africa.