Community Engagement and Community-led Response Evaluation

HMST led the ambitious evaluation of the Global Fund’s Community Engagement (CE) and Community-Led Response (CLR) approach. The review aimed to identify actionable steps that the Global Fund could take to best deploy the levers at its disposal to advance CE and CLR in the 2023-2028 strategy. The multi-disciplinary team of nine consultants was led by HMST’s Senior Strategic Advisor, Hind Khatib-Othman, and Program Director, Lorina McAdam.


The team reviewed over 100 documents, interviewed 72 people, and completed 10 country case studies. The evaluation produced seven recommendations that addressed the strategic/secretariat and country level, and targeted four short-term, one medium-term, and two long-term courses of action. These recommendations were met with full or general agreement by the Global Fund secretariat, reflecting the participatory and solutions-oriented approach of the evaluation.


Read the full report and the Global Fund secretariat management response here

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